October Baby

October Baby Action Squads

Do you believe that every life is beautiful and that a beautifully told story can touch hearts and even save lives? Then it's time to lead an OCTOBER BABY Action Squad. With you and your team working alongside Provident Films, you can maximize the ministry impact that OCTOBER BABY will have in your community.

If OCTOBER BABY is playing near you, consider purchasing a show time. Your church can use this as a great rallying tool for your whole congregation, or for the youth group or women in your church, as an outreach event, or you could partner with a local Pregnancy Resource Center to reach an even broader audience.

Take advantage of these great October Baby resources to help get the word out!

Need More Info? Visit Our Action Squad Questions & Answers Page
"My wife Gina and our six children have so enjoyed supporting and promoting COURAGEOUS. We have been on a mission supported by God trying our best to get the word out on this wonderful movie as a family team. ... It was a pleasure representing Provident Films."
- Chad Gamble