Show October Baby at Your Church!

OCTOBER BABY touched hearts and even saved lives when it played in theaters. After supporting it in movie theaters, churches around the country are now utilizing this incredible story as a powerful resource.

OCTOBER BABY Movie Events are a great way to inspire the people of your church—and the community at large—to celebrate the fact that Every Life Is Beautiful! There are great free resources available on this page to help you go beyond the movie and celebrate the sanctity of life during your Sunday service before or after you host a movie event.

Learn how your church (or pregnancy resource center, ministry, school, or other group) can host a licensed OCTOBER BABY Movie Event. Celebrate the beauty of life at church!

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Download and utilize any of these free resources to highlight the sanctity of life in an upcoming service.



October Baby Scene:
"Finding Answers"
Download Video (.m4v/202.5MB)

October Baby Scene:
"Hannah's Adoption"
Download Video (.m4v/93.1MB)

October Baby Stories:
Shari Rigby
Download Video (.m4v/188.9MB)

Every Life Is Beautiful:
Download Video (.m4v/51.1MB)

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